Tre Torri Tournament

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The Tre Torri Tournament is an event that enjoys great respect among Judoka all over the world. This event impresses with its atmosphere, its technical value, and its organization, as well as its history and great prestige. Many important people, world-class athletes, as well as famous names and personalities such as Yasuhiro Yamashita (guest of honor in 1987) and Neil Adams (guest of honor in 1990) have taken part in the Tre Torri tournament, they are just some names. Unfortunately, since 2010, the Tre Torri tournament has been suspended. There is a chance that the Tre Torri will return. But Italian judo must first really want it.

The Tre Torri tournament, held for the 22nd time, is an important and responsible event for our city, which we can only be proud of; we once again thank the Organizing Committee, which, as always, has put all its energy into the realization of the sporting event, which next month of June will make Porto Sant’Elpidio the focus of world judo for two weeks.

We have noted with pleasure that over the years the TRE TORRI, now one of the most authoritative in the world, has only increased its prestige, also bringing benefits to our tourist, cultural, and productive reality.

The well-known hospitality of the Elpideans leaves its mark every time in the hearts of athletes, fascinated by nature, the sea, and the climate; you can fall in love with the many opportunities of

fun and above all culture that our territory offers; you can be happy to feel a little ‘Italian’, conquered by the quality of the food, but even more by the products of the local industry, in particular footwear and clothing, an exquisite expression of Italian creativity.


I conclude by saying a cordial welcome to all the participants, technical athletes, and companions, in the certainty that this year too they will be able to give us performances of the highest level to make us appreciate the beauty and harmony of a discipline of ancient origin, the primary source and custodian of universal human values, today more relevant than ever.

We wish the audience a lot of fun that will crowd the stands of the Palasport in Via Hungary.


Born on 7 October 1950, resident in Corridonia, a small town in the province of Macerata in the Marche, Professor of Physical Education, graduated from the University of Urbino.

Corrado Croceri studied Judo at the BU SEN in Milan under the direction of Maestro Cesare Barioli, a great expert and promoter of Judo “EDUCATION”.

Corrado Croceri, subsequently studied with M ° Katsuyoshi TAKATA 8 ° Dan of the Kodokan in Tokyo and other Japanese Judo experts; he has participated in many national and international internships and seminars with judo experts from all over the world.

Corrado Croceri, now the 6th Dan Judo Master, founded the DOJO KENSHIRO ABBE Association – Marche Group where he has been teaching since 1974, contributing to the training and growth of many Black Belts who have studied at the Judo school in Corridonia. Some alumni are teachers and esteemed technicians.

Corrado Croceri is known as a great enthusiast and “Promoter of Judo” in his city and in Italy; well-known Master, expert, and profound connoisseur of Judo in its different meanings, he turns his teaching to children aged four and up and to all age groups up to expert Black Belts.

His work as a teacher is appreciated on the occasion of seminars and internships for young people who aspire to become champions, and also in the updates on teaching Judo for teachers, with particular attention to the study of “Kata” and to a correct practice of “Randori”.

Corrado Croceri, in his work to spread judo, reaches the highest level as the organizer of the famous International Adriatic Judo Tournament “TRE TORRI”, which today is one of the most important private tournaments in the world.

Corrado Croceri, multiple champions of Italy, athlete of the Italian national team in the 70s, in which he could only partially show his value, was an athlete in the detachment of the sports group of the Carabinieri in Rome, where he served in the military.

Corrado Croceri today is still very committed to pursuing the goal of making Judo known in its original values linked to a serene coexistence, to in-depth research of high educational and moral contents, tending to the improvement of the person from the human point of view, and spiritual.