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Born the 7th October 1950, Teacher of Physical Education, graduated at the University of Urbino, Corrado Croceri lives now in Corridonia, a small town in the province of Macerata, in Marche region.

Corrado Croceri studied Judo discipline at the BU SEN in Milano, under the expert guidance of M° Cesare Barioli, also promoter of the Judo as "Educational Sport".

Corrado Croceri then continued his studies with M° Katsuyoshi TAKATA, 8° Dan of Tokyo Kodokan and other experts of Japanese Judo; he took part to many Stages, Seminars both national and international with experts of all over the world.

Today as Judo Master 6° Dan, Corrado Croceri founded the Association DOJO KENSHIRO ABBE-Marche Group, where he's been teaching since 1974, giving a precious contribution to the training and growth of many Black Belts, students of the Judo School in Corridonia. Some of the ex-students are now appreciated teachers and experts.
in the picture Corrado Croceri

Corrado Croceri is recognised as an impassioned promoter of Judo in his town and in Italy too; well-known Master, expert with a deep knowledge of Judo through all its different meanings, he devotes his experience to kids from 4 years on and to people of all ages till the high level sportsmen and Black Belts experts.

His teaching action is appreciated through his Stages and Seminars for young people hopeful to become Champions ed also through the updates of the didactics for teachers, dedicating particular attention to the study of "Kata" and of the correct practice of "Randori".

Corrado Croceri reaches the highest level in the diffusion of Judo through the organization of the prestigious Adriatic International Judo Tournament "TRE TORRI", today among the most important private tournaments in the world.

Several times Italian Judo Champion and in the 70s athlet of the National Team, where he couldn't completely express all his value, Corrado Croceri was also in the Sport Group of "Carabinieri" Army in Rome.

Corrado Croceri is still today hardly busy in his efforts to achieve the goal of letting Judo be known through its original values linked to a serene harmony, a deep research of high educational and moral contents, aimed at improving the person in the human and spiritual growth.

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