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The TRE TORRI, a unique event of its kind in Italy, is going to celebrate its twentieth year of age.

Twenty years of uninterrupted activity are not many, but several generations of "Judoka", from all over the world already identify themselves with the event.

They have been with us along our journey and have shared our dream: a joint effort to improve ourselves.

A great effort have been made to improve the Italian and International Judo movement: we have promoted many initiatives side by side with the main event, in spite of the difficulties we were aware we would meet.

There is no secret to our success.

In the beginning we were the only ones who believed in the possibility of creating an international event.

Over the years, we have witnessed an increase in motivation and have become aware that the change has been accompanied by our personal growth.

After so much hard work, continuous engagement and passion, we have realized that it is possible to improve oneself. It will now be easier to reach new goals, because, on the way, we have met many new friends, who have helped us realize our dream.

We have also realized that so much effort is paying back. In fact, the TRE TORRI is gradually becoming a reference point in the panorama of contemporary Judo.

Experience has helped us spot our mistakes and continuously improve, and has taught us that it is necessary to keep enthusiasm alive and to be convinced of being always at the beginning of a journey which will never come to an end.

Over the years, we have created new objectives and met new challenges, which have increased our motivation to go on with our promotional effort of Judo.

The TRE TORRI has gained “consensus” and all the participants are witnesses to it.

….After coming back from the tournament in Paris

The creator and soul of the TRE TORRI Corrado Croceri has recently come back from Paris full of enthusiasm.

The anniversary of the tournament comes exactly the same year as the Olympic Games 2004. All National Teams, in fact, pay maximum attention to the final preparation for the Olympic Games.

It is for this reason that many teams have already applied for both the competition and the stage.

The prestigious Paris ’04 tournament, within the extraordinary framework of “Le Palais Omnisport de Bercy”, attended by over 10,000 spectators, is the best chance, among all the international events, to carry out public relations with the countries invited to the TRE TORRI ’04.

Nowadays Judo, the one of the Olympic movement with its champions, has spread all over the world and the TRE TORRI is just like a beautiful “showroom” attended by the leading Judo Federations from all over the world.

We are convinced that it is now time to concentrate on the cultural aspect of Judo and for that reason we have decided to include in the program of the tournament an event which allow us to deal with its most important ethical values.

What will the future of Judo be? It is our conviction that We are running the risk that the competitive aspect of Judo may overshadow its real value and the message of the founder Jigoro Kano (1860 – 1938).

The idea of starting a stage ( 1st International Judo Course) for both Judo teachers and high level athletes is, in our opinion, badly needed within such a widely ranging initiative.

The subjects to deal with are: Judo didactics; Judo technique; the relationship between Judo, society and the family; the goals to reach.

Each Nation has its own history and, through its representatives, will be able to explain how Judo has been introduced and made known in their countries, and which aspects should be improved and increased.

We are convinced that it is important to compare experiences in order to allow to the International Judo Movement to grow. We are also convinced that deep pondering is needed to bring back to our discipline the peculiar fascination enjoyed by Judo pioneers.

Nowadays Judo techniques and training methodologies are widely known, but we badly need deep pondering on the philosophy of Judo, conceived as an educational instrument to form future generations.

The revaluation of the above aspect is the first step towards the “Rebirth” of Judo.

Judo’s milestone is a moral principle summarized by the following sentence:
“ the best use of energy”. Putting through such a principle is the most effective way of giving back the original strength to our discipline.



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