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We introduce the nineteenth edition of this event, unique both in Italy and world wide because of its peculiar qualities.

We are also particularly satisfied with the technical results of such a high level sporting event.

The TRE TORRI is getting deeply rooted in the area of St. Elpidio. We are proud to say that our promotion activity of Judo, started both in Corridonia and Macerata back in 1983, has found its ideal location in St. Elpidio (AP).

It is well-known that Italy is a country cherished by people from all over the world, because of its culture and its natural, artistic beauty. The Marche, not by chance called “Italy in one region” epitomizes all these qualities, which have also pleased the world of Judo through the TRE TORRI tournament.

The world level of this sporting event has been confirmed since the 80s, when, in 1987, the mythical YASUHIRO YAMASHITA raised the prestige of the TRE TORRI by being our “guest of honour”.

The atmosphere of the event, the warmth of the welcome to the participants, the premises of the sporting centre “holiday” which hosts the event have made it a “meeting point” of the world of Judo.

We want to emphasize that the success of the TRE TORRI is also due to the fact that it takes place in a place like The Marche, a land of hard working people, welcoming towards visitors, highly enterprising and great organizers of events like ours. It is not by chance that the economic system of The Marche is being imitated and studied by experts from all over the world. It is thanks to these characteristics and sporting events like ours, which happily blends both sport and tourism, that we take on the role of promoters of our culture, tourism, food and wine, of our handicrafts, industry and so on.

Our aim is also that of being acknowledged as a resource, and as such being helped for the contribution we have given and still give. The TRE TORRI is an important event also if seen as a promoter of what has just been said above.

Businessmen from The Marche devote more and more attention to all those initiatives that allow them to make both their activities and products well known all over the world.

We organizers of the TRE TORRI are thinking along the same lines, and see our activity as an effective and useful promotional instrument and our role as a sort of link between Institutions such as the Council, the Province and the Region and private Corporations such as Craftsmen, Industry, Tourism, etc..

We are convinced that Public Institutions should not ignore, on the contrary they should encourage and help the organization of events such as the TRE TORRI.


It is our aim to improve our public image of sportsmen who believe in the ethical value of Judo, an Olympic discipline as well as an EDUCATIONAL, instrument.

In fact, the original function of Judo was that of educating the youth, who are in great need of ethical values, which help them make a clear-cut distinction between good and evil and find an inner balance necessary to become grown-up men.

Jigoro Kano (1860-1939), Judo’s founder says:

“As society consists of individuals, Judo can improve individuals physically, mentally and spiritually; consequently it is an extraordinary means of improving society.

The sporting side of Judo, in spite of many problems over the years, has been very useful to spread this Discipline worldwide over the last hundred years. We would like the same thing happened with its Ethical Value.

Sport, along with Decubertain’s spirit, has a great value for the youth, who want to take part in sporting competitions, in order to test themselves. Such an approach to sport, and to Judo specifically, fascinates those who practise our discipline, which is rich in these values if attended in line with the ideals of its founder.

The project, of course, needs the support of the media.


RAI SPORT SAT will cover part of the event on FRIDAY 13 JUNE AT 18.00.
RADIO RAI SPORT will grant us an interview on SATURDAY AFTERNOON 7 JUNE.

The Gazzetta dello Sport, an important national daily paper, will publish a special article on us and will cover the event with news in the new section: “IT ALSO HAPPENED”.


Also the 2003 TRE TORRI edition will feature the usual stage, which is attended by a higher and higher number of delegations, both foreign and Italian ones, which extend their stay in Porto Sant’Elpidio, availing themselves of the opportunity of visiting the tourist sites of our Region.



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