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The World Champion Birmingham '99, JIMMY PEDRO at the Tre Torri
THE WORLD CHAMPION JIMMY PEDRO - USA AT THE TRE TORRI AFTER 13 ANNI, SINCE 1990. In Porto Sant'Elpidio, JIMMY PEDRO as well: the World Champion BIRMINGHAM 1999 (Great Britain), Olympic Medal in ATLANTA '96 (U.S.A). The American Jimmy Pedro is today the most titled athlet in the American history of Judo. He won his first national title in 1989, at the age of just 19. His palmares speaks for itself. A great return for Jimmy PEDRO, a great reward to CORRADO CROCERI the soul of TRE TORRI, who with his tenacity and perseverance, succeeded in making this international event a very special meeting point. The level of the participants in this tournament, the number of countries attending, pushed the Tre Torri at the top of the chart, among the most prestigiuos and demanded events both in Italy and Worlwide. We still have to reveal some surprises but we'll do that later on! For now, we just start saying that a group of great names of International Judo have already reserved their place here. The Tre Torri, more than consolidated worldwide, is among the most desired Judo Tournaments of high level. We're here to underline this important presence to give just a "forecast" about this event, that wants to give rise to attention and interest around Judo, the discipline unfairly relegated among those "minor" sports. We do believe that making communication around Judo through this kind of initiatives, will help our sport movement and draw not only the specialists but also the public and eventual sponsors, willing to support the hard economical effort that a tournament like the Tre Torri requires.

1989 Quebec Open; US Open;
1990 TRE TORRI - ITALY; US Open;
1992 Pan Am Championships; Guio Sieni, Italy; US Open;
1993 Pacific Rim - New Zealand;
1995 US Open; Pan Am Games, Argentina; German Open ( stato il solo americano a vincere questa gara);
1997 Pan Am Championships, Mexico; German Open;
1998 Austrian Open; Shoriki Cup (he was the only American ever to win this event);
Paris Open ( stato il solo americano a vincere questa gara); US Open;
1999 Pan Am Games, Canada
Birmingham Great Britain


1988 US Open;
1990 Goodwill Games, Seattle;
1992 Hungarian Open;
1993 US Open; French Open; Sungkok Cup, Korea.
1988 Shoriki Cup, Japan;
1990 Jr World Championships; Tblissi (USSR) International;
1991 World Championships; US Open; Pan Am Games,Cuba; Pacific Rim Championships;
1992 French Open; German Open;
1994 Goodwill Games, Russia;
1995 World Championships; Pacific Rim Championships;
1996 French Open;
1997 Austrian Open; French Open;
1998 German Open
1999 Kano Cup, Japan



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