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TADAHIRO NOMURA Olympic Champion Atlanta '96 Sidney '02 and KEIJI SUZUKI: the two Japanese tops at Tre Torri '03.
twice Olympic Champion, at Tre Torri

Date of birth: 10 Dic. 74
Place of birth: Nara
Height/Weight: 163cm./60kg.

He approaches Judo before starting Primary School, involved by his grandfather whose curiosity was caught by a leaflet about Judo as Fighting Art barehand, "Atemi" (kicks, fists), fighting from the erect position and on the ground, and so he decided to enroll him at a Judo Course. After a start in a private Dojo, the small Tadahiro Nomura attends the famous University of Tenri, where his father worked as Professor of Physical Education and Coach in chief of the prestigious Team of Tenri. The young Tadahiro grows with the goal of becoming a strong Judoka, of course influenced by his uncle Toyokazu Nomura, Olympic Champion in the -70 Kg category at Monaco Olympic Games 1972. Before Olympic Games of Atlanta 1996, Tadahiro Momura was almost unknown and just there gave us such a sorrow defeating our Girolamo Giovinazzo and so depriving us of that olympic gold we were wishing. Tadahiro Nomura confirms again his class of real Champion in 2000, gaining his second gold medal at the Olympic Games of Sydney, where he defeats in the final the Korean Bu-Kyung Jung. Nomura has become so the first superlight weight to defend and reconfirm his Olympic title. Of course, his presence is such a great prestige for us organizing the Tre Torri, who are so awarded for our hard efforts made with the strongest love and passion. Together with this Japanese Champ's humble sign, we wish to have here also our Olympic Champion PINO MADDALONI... but the last word has not been said. The Tre Torri, as told before, will be such an extraordinary event. Even before this 19th Edition starts, we'd like to intrigue our public, saying that on the 20th one, there will be a great surprise. We don't reveal it now, so that you will discover it coming here in Porto S. Elpidio next year! Back to Japan, beside Nomura the Japanese delegation presents a very prestigious team: 60 Kg. TADAHIRO NOMURA 66 Kg. YOSHIHIRO MURAKAMI 66 Kg. TOMOO TORII 90 Kg. YUTA YAZAKI +100 Kg. KEIJI SUZUKI Coach: Mr. YOSUKE YAMAMOTO Mr. AKINOBU OSAKO



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